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22-23 Funding CONFIRMED!

Please see below for statement from our Joint Network Managers

"On Saturday morning we welcomed the news that the PE and School Sports Premium Funding would be continuing into the academic year 22/23.

As a network we join everyone associated we primary PE and Sport in welcoming this news as we know many schools up and down the country rely on this funding being in place to support their schools PE and Sport offer.

While on one side we are happy, on the other side we do still have our concerns regarding the funding. One main concern being that it has only been confirmed for one more academic year and there still doesn't seem to be any form of long-term strategy in place for not only PE and School Sport but the general health and wellbeing of our young people.

When the funding was originally brought in it was to make sustainable changes to PE and School Sports programmes within primary schools. We know that many schools have taken this on board and have excelled with the changes they have made thanks to this funding, but we also know many schools have not used this funding in the correct way.

Unfortunately, it is those stories of schools using the funding incorrectly that get highlighted the most giving the funding the bad name it has.

While blame can be placed at the door of those schools, the real issues are with those who are responsible for holding them accountable for their spending of the premium. We still know a handful of schools that have little to no evidence of their spending on their websites, who is checking this? May we remind those schools that this money is ring-fenced for PE and School Sport.

For this funding to continue there has to be a long-term plan with increased accountability placed on schools. An 8-10 year plan for the health and well-being for our pupils has to start before it is too late. Some would say it is already too late.

As a network we will stand by our member schools and offer the support they need in using this funding to make a difference for every pupil in their school."

Wilson Frimpong & Glyn Davies

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