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Mini Sports Day Programme

Mini Sports Day Programme Released

The network have put together a Mini Sports Day Programme which can be used as a replacement for the ‘traditional sports day’ normally due to take place around this time of the year. The programme involves simple activities which can be conducted in school or at home (dependent on space), and results can be recorded and added to a spreadsheet which will determine overall scores and places.

Activities include: 1 Minute Run; Agility Run; Speed Bounce; Standing Long Jump; Bench Balance; Tennis Ball Catch.

The Mini Sports Day Programme includes diagrams and explanations of the activities and what equipment will be required. We have added in a playground layout which includes the social distancing measurements for those students who will be queueing for the activity. Also attached are scorecards which are used to record students scores, we recommend you only have a maximum of 3 on a station due to the current situation. The scores can then be added to the Excel Spreadsheet which is also attached, this should automatically sort out placements and overall scores once all data is entered. Finally, we have made some certificates which include gold, silver and bronze, and a certification of participation for every student.

We understand some schools have very few numbers so it would be great if this could be sent home to those who are not attending school, and they can send their results back in if they are able to take part. If you are able to get any pictures/ videos please do tag us on our social media (@lpessn), we would love to see how the students get on!

If you have any questions please do get in touch!

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