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Mental Health Day @ Cherry Gardens

Children’s Mental Health is something we value with great passion at the Network. It is extremely important to us, that every child gains access to emotional tools whilst at school, in preparation for their advancing academic years. Mental Health can be balanced through several different activities, be it practical or theoretical. We designed our Mental Health Day around both areas using Yoga, which assists with reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging confidence, enhancing emotional regulation, improving coordination and balance and empowering concentration. Capoeira which provides guidance in strength and flexibility, encouraging both team and individual competitiveness, increasing mental and physical confidence, introducing growth mindsets through cultural exploration and challenging high cardio activity levels and Mindfulness workshops, which had a sole focus on individual growth and encourages strengthening in emotional intelligence, improved emotional-regulation skills, increased self-esteem, bolstering of social and communication skills and reinforcing the neuropathways that underline focus and self-control. Nine of our full member schools took part in each workshop which were all created with intention that children will be able to develop skills to use inside and outside of the classroom environment. 


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