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Brio’s Leadership Academy

Brio’s leadership academy is designed to be used in a variety of education settings as half day course (am or pm) and focuses on developing learner’s leadership skills.

The training is a great introduction into leadership, giving pupils and students’ knowledge of how to organise, lead small games and activities that can be used as part of uniformed organisation within your school.

By the end of the course, the learner will have the skills to set up simple games and or activities that they are familiar with and they feel confident when assisting in leading small group of peers.  Upon completion of the training each pupil will receive a certificate.

Learners do not necessarily have to be sporty, but showing a base of good knowledge around leadership and a desire to lead is preferable. The Leadership Academy happens on site in your school and is catered for up to 20 year 4/5 students.

All students are required to have school PE kit.

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