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Competition and Event Expectations from the PESSN team 2019/2020

At The PESSN we aim to provide you with the best service so in every event the school can expect:

Before Competition

  • Main contact for the competition made aware to schools
  • Well organised with regular contact with schools leading up to and on the day of the event
  • All members of staff debriefed and aware of their roles on the day
  • Workshop for staff on rules prior to competition or league

During Competition

  • Event set out to a high standard, areas clearly marked out. This is then made clear and obvious to schools upon arrival
  • Areas for schools to keep their belongings to prevent any interference with the festival
  • All staff in full kit
  • Mobile phones not on your person during the delivery of the event/competition
  • Timekeeping by staff, to be at the event 45 mins before the start
  • Specific rules for that day to be made clear, specify how schools qualify.
  • Make sure the process is clear to everyone regards to a School Games competition and the qualifying to London Youth Games procedure
  • Point system that is being used for the competition or festival is made clear from the start
  • Gather all schools together at the end of the group stages to announce who has qualified

After Competition

  • Email results to follow up after the event no later than 24 hours after competition
  • All social media up to date from the competition
  • Any issues raised on the day to be followed up with a phone call to the school

Please view the attachments below for further information regarding Competition Rules.

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