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Feedback & Testimonials


"PESSN are excelling after such a difficult start to the year! Shout out to the Sports Leader Wilson Frimpong for supporting schools with his team to get our pupils moving in such an exciting varied way. Physical Health is also wealth!" Headteacher at Hollydale Primary School

"I encourage all PE leads to sign up to the variety of programmes offered, such as SEN support, team teaching, wellbeing and competitive events. The PE & School Sports Network is an invaluable part of our schools curriculum." Headteacher at Grange Primary School

Girls Football Workshops

"Just wanted to say a big thank you!! The feedback from the girls was that they really enjoyed themselves and looking forward to next week!! Fun, smiles and laughter all round!!" Teaching Assistant at Robert Browning Primary School

"I enjoyed Girl’s football because I enjoyed playing with other girls who also like football. I also liked being outside and playing matches and games. It's fun that girls can play the same things as boys because football is for everyone.” Year 5 Pupil at Hollydale Primary School

“I enjoy Girls’ Football because it is a good way to get active and when we play it's better because it’s just girls and boys can be aggressive sometimes… I look forward to this next year.” Year 5 Pupil at Hollydale Primary School

“I enjoyed Girls’ Football because I learn new things and not many girls play football, so it was really good to play matches. It helped me get better at football in so many ways.” Year 6 Pupil at Hollydale Primary School

“I enjoyed Girls’ Football because on the first week we were practising dribbling and passing, then a few weeks later we started doing matches. I also like Girls’ Football because it’s only girls.” Year 6 Pupil at Hollydale Primary School

SEND Saturday Club

"The Saturday club has been a lifeline for my son. He has many friends and looks forward to going. He also uses the trampoline as a release of tension. We would love for this valuable service to continue." Leslyn Alatiche, parent at Saturday Sports Club

"The network and Saturday Sports Club at Bacon's College has offered myself and family much-needed respite. Glyn, George and the team are very understanding and aware of my son's SEN needs: autism and ADHD." Oudey Glover-Tetley, parent at Saturday Sports Club

SEND Competitions

"Thank you so much for organising and hosting the event. I heard such positive feedback from the children and staff. We were glad to be part of the day." Headteacher at Beormund School (SEND Bowling Competition)

"The children had a great day." PE Coordinator at Keyworth Primary School (SEND Bowling Competition)

"A massive thank you to you and your staff for a great day out. The children and our staff LOVED IT!" PE Coordinator at Charles Dickens (SEND Bowling Competition)

"Thank you so much to you and your team for facilitating this trip today. The children who took part absolutely loved it, such a great feel-good factor, the TA's also had fun and commented how well organised it was and how friendly all the staff were. Gemma, our SENCO and Assistant Head who led the trip was so proud of the children and how much they got from this experience, as well as learning to bowl! She is going to show the photos and give the children a chance to share their experiences in Assembly on Friday." Dulwich Wood Primary School (SEND Bowling Competition)

Yoga & Mindfulness Programme

"I met with the school governors finance and resources committee this morning about the spending of the Sports Premium and how the money is being used. I spoke about the exceptional work of the PE & Sports Network and what you have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic; also how you have been working with the children to re-introduce them into taking part in more physical activities as well as the importance of keeping fit and healthy. I also mentioned some of the new initiatives e.g. Yoga that have been put in place to help children with their mental health.

The governors have asked me to thank all the team that play a part in the running of the network and a special mention to Vas for his continued dedication and enthusiasm in coaching all our children and to Glyn who had given so much joy and encouragement to our SEN children." Crampton Primary School

"The children are enjoying the Yoga sessions, and we have requests from other class teachers who would like their classes to participate. Lynn is fantastic, and the children really respond very well to her. I think it is a very good thing you are offering to school. Keep up the good work." PE Coordinator at Rotherhtithe Primary

"I just wanted to say thank you for arranging the Yoga & Mindfulness sessions at St Johns. They were very beneficial and some of the kids went home and taught their parents some yoga related exercises. Every year group had lots of fun during their sessions." PE Coordinator at St Johns RC Primary School

"The yoga sessions have been welcomed by our DKH pupils and staff. Developing mindfulness and emotional regulation is a focus of our school and the sessions have allowed this through the breathing and relaxation exercises.

The sessions have helped our younger pupils to express themselves physically in a safe and creative environment. Our younger pupils have also told us that they liked making the different 'animal' shapes with their bodies.

The sessions have had a positive impact and supported our children to develop their physical and mental disciplines. We noticed that targeted children benefited from being able to develop their stress and anxiety management techniques.  From a physical education point, we noticed that some children were becoming more flexible and improving their energy levels.

Our Yoga teacher was really professional, calm and encouraging with our pupils. Her use of Makaton was very helpful with our non-expressive children, and we appreciated how she made the sessions fun and meaningful." Head of School at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School

"Nicola ran two sets of sessions for us, 3 weeks of yoga and 2 weeks of dance. the children absolutely loved the sessions and we noticed an increase in engagement levels when they returned to class. It was also noticeable that behaviour was improved both during and after the session, as well as some children asking for more when the sessions had finished! We would love to run more sessions through yourselves as it is clear there is a consistent, positive impact on children's wellbeing. In addition, staff spoke very highly of the sessions and asked if there would be more!" Assistant Head Teacher at Cherry Garden School

"The Yoga teacher offered well-rounded sessions for many of our classes as staff. All participants enjoyed the movement of Yoga, how to stay calm and relax.

It was a very welcomed addition to our days. It has good impact on all participants for mind and body. If additional funding was available we would love to have it more regularly in our school." Headteacher at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School


"Increased confidence in delivering sessions. Good to practice using plans and how to adapt and receive feedback." Tanika, Teacher at Alfred Salter Primary (Southwark NQT Training)

"I have a better understanding on how to deliver lessons and handle transition. Confidence has improved on managing challenging behaviours." Mary Johnson, Southwark Park Primary (Southwark NQT Training)

"Loads of NEW ideas I can use in my teaching. YouTube videos are great, will definitely use!" Teacher at Crampton Primary School (EYFS/KS1 NQT Training)

"Good understanding of how to differentiate for PE. How to deliver a lesson effectively and make use of PE time. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and took away a lot that I can use in my own practice." Teacher at Albion Primary School (EYFS/KS1 NQT Training)

"Really useful practical ideas which I can use straight away in both PE and playtime games." Teacher at Charlotte Sharman (Staff Training)

"Really enjoyed the inset. Great range of skills and resources. The training has given me a better structure for using the ability of children to help reach their targets." Teacher at St Jude's (KS1 PE Inset)

"I will plan and approach my lessons differently to ensure that as much time as possible is being spent with the children being active." PE Coach at Rotherhithe (KS1 PE Inset)

"Less focus on discussions and ensuring children are further engaged in all years across school. Very informative! Would love to explore the curriculum details and lesson plans/assessment in greater detail." Teacher at St Johns & St Clements (KS1 PE Inset)

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