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Gifted & Talented

Our Gifted and Talented programme is a session to identify those who excel in areas such as Cognitive, Social, Personal, Physical and Creative. Students complete several tasks and challenges in various sports that will test their skills and physical abilities to match who will be Gifted & Talented in School Sports.

Due to current guidelines and COVID-19 requirements we are currently following the items listed below:

  • At the moment all sessions will be held outdoors with appropriate space for social distancing.  

  • Student numbers in each  session will be minimised. 

  • Equipment will be supplied by the school and not brought from outside. 

  • All equipment will be disinfected before and after the session. 

  • Tasks have been updated to the social distance guidelines. 

The Network hold a central register for G& T students across the borough, whilst also encouraging schools to have their own G & T register for PE.

There are pathways for students to attend local clubs as well as getting involved in The Network’s leadership programme.

Students are also invited to sport specific ID days run by various clubs in a range of sports.

Why run a Gifted & Talented session?

  • Holding these sessions are a very helpful way to identify students that have a genuine talent for the sport. This could then help you identify the sports the students are good in and help them progress further in the sport if they are interested.

  • Younger students in the school will then be able to look at these students for help playing these different sports and widen their knowledge on the sport itself.

  • Students may gain ambition to do well in the sport and possibly take it further.

  • This is a good opportunity for students to become young sports leaders and playground leaders.

  • Identify students for gifted and talented sports clubs around the borough

  • Update your own personal gifted and talented register

  • Give students a chance to be a volunteer for different sporting events

  • A chance for students to be scouted for local academies

For more information on our G&T sessions please contact Danny Gray (


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