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Health & Wellbeing

As a Network, we are committed to ensuring that all children & young people have a clear understanding of what it means to lead a healthy life for life. We achieve this through a range of interventions including our own bespoke Health & Wellbeing programme which through curriculum delivery at a targeted primary age group builds an understanding of why it is important to be healthy & fit. As a Network, we also hold lead status for Health & Wellbeing for Central London.

Health & Wellbeing Programme 2018/2019


Schools that took part in our Health & Wellbeing Programme


Parents and Families that took part so far in our Health & Wellbeing Programme


Children that took part so far in our Health & Wellbeing Programme


Parent Wellbeing Hub

Working with children and families is a key priority for us at the Network. In the 2018/2019 academic year we worked with over 1500 children and families.

Our programme aims to:

  • Transform habits and tackle the sedentary behaviour at home/outside of school

  • Provide practical support and guidance for parents to improve engagement in their children’s health and physical activity levels

  • Highlight the important role of family and peer influence on children’s physical activity levels and food intake

  • Create a family-friendly active network

Our family cookery workshops support improvements in wellbeing through cook & eat sessions bringing families and schools together - an opportunity for families to not only gain healthy living advise and recommendations but also provide a time for family bonding and learning.

The PESSN Parent Wellbeing Hub is open to parents and families seeking all things healthy living – nutrition advice, physical activity & mental health. Our Health Newsletter also provides up to date information on local health programmes & community initiatives in Southwark as well as health news, tips and advice.

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