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The PESSN Intra- School allows The Network to come into your school and deliver a 2-hour competition for a number of classes in which we will demonstrate to staff and young leaders for them to learn how to deliver the programme at any point.

Intra School allows your classes to demonstrate and practice the skills they have learned in their lessons and use them in competitive situations against other classes or other class members. It is a great way to promote sports in your school as well as bring a social connection to the students in different year groups.

Intra-School is also connected with our Leadership Programme as well as the Gifted & Talented Programme which is a good way to point out talent as well as teach the students leadership skills so they are able to deliver competitions and activities themselves.

Details for the Day: 

  • Competitions can be run as class v class/ year group v year group (depending on form entry at your school).
  • Classes can be split into teams (Teams depend on sports chosen).
  • These competitions will run as 2-hour PE sessions. There will be 2 time slots - morning time slots run from 9:30-11:30am and afternoon time slots run from 1:30-3:30pm.
  • Competitions can be run by year 6 leaders if they are accompanied by either teachers or lunchtime duty staff.
  • It is important that we show the Year 6’s how to run the competition before they take over the scoring, refereeing, timing and arranging of matches.
  • Competitions that we are running are suitable for years 3 and upwards. It is the choice of the schools, whether they would like to mix years 3&4 or years 5&6.
  • Competitions will run as Round Robin Tournaments, which means all teams play each other once before coming to a grand total with a winner.
  • The 5 sports that will be run are as followed;
  • Athletics
  • Endzone
  • Multi-Skills
  • Rounders
  • Tennis

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